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by on January 2, 2018

In 2014-2015, I was thrilled to co-host The Wellness Connection with my friend and colleague Radhia Gleis, CCN, PhD.  We were delighted to bring our Austin-area audience the latest in cutting edge health news, interviews with leading natural health and health freedom figures, and authoritative diet and lifestyle information.  Please feel free to listen to any of our podcasts below:

5/11/14 Introductory Program

5/18/14 Health Guest Dr. Larry Ward, DC

5/25/14 Health Guest Dr. Wayne Breen, Health Freedom Guest Jonathan Emord, Esq.

6/1/14 Health Guest Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND; Health Freedom Guest Rick Jaffe, Esq.

6/8/14  Health Guest Dr. Lindsey Berkson, DC; Health Freedom Guest Scott Tips, Esq.

6/15/14 Health Guest Keith Klein, CCN; Health Freedom Guest Diane Miller, Esq.

6/22/14 Health Guest, Andre Kulisz MD; Health Freedom Guest Rick Jaffe, Esq.

6/29/14 Health Guest Mark Kaye, DC; Health Guest Robert Scott Bell

7/6/14 Health Guest Kendal Stewart MD

7/13/14 Health Guest Robert Seik, Pharm. D.; Health Freedom Guest Andy Bellatti DFPI

7/20/14 Health Guest Nathan Bryan, PhD; Health Freedom Guest Peter Kennedy, Esq.

7/27/14 Health Guest Tracy Strandhagen, MD; Health Freedom Guests Judy Stone/Coco Newton, CCNs

8/3/14 Health Guest Martie Wittiken, CCN; Health Freedom Guest Manfred Mueller, DHM

8/10/14 Health Guest Kara Stewart; Health Freedom Guest Jim Turner, Esq.

8/17/14 Health Guest Sellma Vllasi, NP; Health Freedom Guest Scott Tips, Esq.

8/24/14 Lindsey Berkson, DC, CCN; Health Freedom Guest Rick Jaffe, Esq.

8/31/14 Health Guest Carl Schmidt, ND; Health Freedom Guest Diane Miller, Esq.

9/7/14 Health Guest John Haest MD; Health Freedom Guest Tim Bolen

9/14/14 Health Guest Carolyn Dean, MD, ND; Health Freedom Interview Radhia Gleis, CCN

9/21/14 Health Guest Norm Shealy MD; Health Freedom Guest Scott Tips, Esq.

9/28/14 Health Guest Michael Smith, MD; Health Freedom Guest Jenny Zeigler, PFSC

10/5/14 Health Guest Hyla Cass, MD; Health Freedom Guest Mary Zennett MD

10/12/14 Health Guest Janet Hull PhD; Health Freedom Guest Leo Cashman DAMS

10/19/14 Health Guest Jonathan Wright MD; Health Freedom Guest Denise Premschak

10/26/14 Health Guest Sherri Tenpenny DO; Health Freedom Guest Robert Scott Bell

Media file not available

11/2/14 Health Guest Jacob Teitelbaum, MD; Health Freedom Guest Judith McGeary Esq.

11/9/14 Health Guest Norm Shealy MD; Health Freedom Guest Jim Turner Esq.

11/16/14 Health Guest Jeremy Stewart PhD; Health Freedom Guest Rick Jaffe Esq.

11/23/14 Health Guest Gary Avignon, LPC; Health Freedom Guest Leo Cashman DAMS

11/30/14 Health Guest Hyla Cass MD; Health Freedom Guest Catherine Rott ND

12/7/14 Health Guest Ajay Goel PhD; Health Freedom Guest Scott Tips Esq.

12/14/14 Health Guest Mario Martinez PsyD; Health Freedom Guest Diane Miller Esq.

12/21/14 Health Guest Ritamarie Loscalzo, DC; Health Freedom Guest Carolyn Dean MD, ND

12/28/14 Health Guest Gaea Logan LPC-S; Health Freedom Guest Kirk Bashaw

Media files for shows dated January and February 2015 are not available.









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As I told you in my previous post, Texas has taken a bold new step to ensure your right to choose the health care treatment and practitioner of your choice.  On March 7th, Texas House Joint Resolution (HJR) 125 was filed.  You can read the text here.

               This was an important first step in what will eventually become a nationwide effort.  However, despite our lobbying team’s best efforts, we were unable to get the bill heard in committee.

               But we are not giving up!  Plans are already in place to reintroduce HJR 125 in the next Texas legislative session, get it heard in committee, passed by the legislature, and on the ballot for ratification in November 2015.

               In order to do that, we have to be able to hire the best lobbyists available in Texas.  And in order to do that, we have begun raising the money to pay them.

               Fortunately, some amazing people have stepped forward to help, in the process offering those who choose to participate an equally amazing way to effectively alleviate chronic stress.

               What do I mean by that?  In chapter 8 of Adrenaline Nation, you’ll recall I mentioned Creative Visualization and Relaxation (CVR), a new technology that can help people better master their stress.  I have used CVR myself and it works.          

               New Reality, a pioneer in the CVR field, has made an incredibly generous offer to help many more people get their hands on this technology, and help us achieve our health freedom goals.

               Now, and exclusively through me, you can get this technology in your hands for $247.  That’s $150 below the normal retail price of $397.  And, $100 of the purchase price will be donated by New Reality to our political action committee to fund our lobbying efforts.

               One more thing you should know: I do not earn a penny from this.  I believe so strongly in both the New Reality technology and our health freedom goals that I cannot in good conscience accept a commission on any purchase.  The funds earned through this program will be donated to our political action non-profit, NHN For The Cause, and funneled directly into our political advocacy activities.

               You can find out more about the New Reality CVR technology here, or click on the tab for the page titled “New Reality” above.

               Now is the time to help yourself master your chronic stress, and lay the foundation for your own health freedom.  Don’t wait – act today!

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