Jack McCarthy

My journey to the position of chief executive officer of AHI Productions has drawn together several major strands of my life.  I was born into a broadcast media family: after ten years in radio and films, my father, Jack McCarthy (picture at left), became one of the founding commentators/hosts in 1948 for WPIX-TV, Channel 11 in NYC; my mother Betty was a time buyer at NBC radio in the 1940s.

During my upbringing, my parents ensured that I and my siblings were afforded the means to develop and hone our communicative skills, through constant exposure to public speaking and writing opportunities.  As a result, throughout my adult life I have continually participated in print, radio and television media, primarily as a content creator, but also as a media strategist, especially in the political advocacy world.

Cadet McCarthy on Graduation Day

When I entered the Air Force Academy (This is my cadet graduation photo; notice the hair!) and embarked on my subsequent 20 year military career, I discovered my then-newly developing, twin facilities of leadership and statistical analysis ability.  Over that time span, I was able to expand and hone those capabilities during tours of duty as a pilot and commander at three different B-52 bomber bases, as an assistant budget manager for major research and development projects at the Pentagon, and as head of two different statistical analysis branches at the Air Force Personnel Center.

I was offered an unprecedented opportunity to use the best of my leadership abilities when I was asked to select the 36 B-52 crew members whom our squadron would deploy overseas in support of Gulf War I.  Standing on the tarmac next to their wives and children as they boarded the plane to deploy into combat was a very moving experience.  It really drove home to me the importance of each individual on this planet, both to their own families and loved ones, and to our society as a whole.

Captain Peter McCarthy - 16 Year Veteran of a Major Airline

My subsequent 16 year career as a pilot/captain for Southwest Airlines (that’s me in the cockpit) allowed me to learn how to employ my leadership skills in the corporate environment.  Simultaneously, I experienced first hand the truth that a corporation need not be guided by a heavy hand to be successful.  It turns out that people really CAN have fun at work!

The Natural Health Network Home Page

The final piece of this puzzle was put into place when I embarked on my political advocacy journey, during which I met my friend and business partner, Radhia Gleis.  Our shared passion for natural health, and similar media-affiliated backgrounds (she is the daughter of a late, prominent Hollywood attorney) naturally drew us together as allies and friends.  Our mutual frustration with the glacial pace of, and undue monetary influence on, real health care reform was the impetus for me to leave my successful aviation career and embark on the path to founding NHN, the Web TV Natural Health Network.  We are very proud of the unfolding of this ambitious project; most of all, we are very proud of the amazing team of people who have gathered at our side in support of this effort.  You may enjoy viewing the fruits of our efforts at, and find out more about our production company at

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