From my earliest days in the parochial education system, I was encouraged by my teachers and mentors to continually hone my writing skills.  This especially began to pay dividends after I graduated from the Air Force Academy and entered active duty as a commissioned officer/pilot.

I started off by writing letters to the editor at the local papers near where I was stationed in the Air Force.  To my surprise, almost every letter I wrote was published in the op-ed section of the newspaper.  I expanded my submissions to national periodicals such as Time and US News.  Although their standards were naturally higher, I was frequently published by them as well.

However, what really fueled my passion for the written word was the success I enjoyed in the military professional education system.  With its heavy emphasis on producing well-researched, well-written essays, it provided me a perfect avenue to polish my skills even further.  The effort paid off; I graduated with the best military essay award from Armed Forces Staff College, and was recognized as a distinguished graduate from the Naval War College, with special recognition for my writing skills.

After leaving active military service and beginning my career as a traditional naturopath,

I began writing what turned out to be a long series of articles for Texas’ oldest holistic magazine, Enjoy Whole Health.  Over a period of several years, I was able to share my message of effective holistic stress management with thousands of readers throughout central Texas.

Today, my writing career is multi-dimensional.  Besides reaching readers like you with my blog, in August 2012 I published my first book, Adrenaline Nation, a non-fiction work about the pandemic of stress in our society and how holistic health principles and modalities can help alleviate workplace stress.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful team who have helped me to achieve my goal: Internet marketing expert Jayson Perreault; literary management specialist and consultant Randy Peyser (www.authoronestop); literary agent John Willig (; publicist Jill Lublin (; conscious media expert Jackie Lapin (  Smart Publications ( owner and publisher John Morgenthaler; Smart Publications editor Cristina Baggese; and my intrepid and able assistant, Stephanie Walsh.  My thanks to all of them for their efforts in helping me bring this important message to the public. Please see the information on the left side of the home page to learn more about and order my book.

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