As I found out shortly after I embarked on my naturopathic career, the entire field of natural health is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Its principles and underlying philosophy unfortunately conflict with the principles of so-called “modern” or “conventional” medicine.  As such, it runs directly counter to much of the societal conditioning we all have experienced and, in some cases, to laws in many states which govern health care in this country.

Peter And Colleagues At Work on Legislation

For far too long, many natural health practitioners have stood in continual, daily jeopardy of having their livelihoods terminated at the whim of state or federal enforcement officers.  They have been legally prohibited from sharing health information freely with the public or, in some high profile cases, threatened with imprisonment to bar them from offering proven, life saving treatments to their clients.  The legal system’s usual response to this has been to point to the laws currently on the books and state simply “that’s the law.”

What’s really at work here is that powerful financial interests exert tremendous influence on that same legal system to quash any information, no matter how valid, which threatens to upset the current status quo in health care.  I call the combination of organizations and influences which conspire to keep that status quo in place the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance complex.  Those of you who are old enough remember Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famous “military-industrial complex” speech of 1961.  The comparison here is deliberate.

The “approved solution” to this state of affairs for many natural health practitioners, for the schools which train them, and for the legal experts who advise them, has been to stay out of sight and keep your heads down to avoid attracting attention.  However, as a former military officer sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States (an obligation I take very seriously to this day), I believe we shouldn’t have to do that, and I refuse to.  An American citizen’s single most important asset is their health.  Consequently, their single most important right is the right to bodily integrity, the right to decide for themselves how their bodies are cared for, and what they will put into their bodies.

For too long, our society has been literally hypnotized into believing that only one system of health care is effective, safe and even legal.  I fervently believe that health freedom of choice is an inalienable right in our country.  It is a cornerstone of the foundation of our free society.  Whoever controls your health care, controls you.

It is why I partnered with my friends and colleagues (some of whom you see with me above) to form the Texas Health Freedom Coalition, the largest state level natural health advocacy organization of its kind in the US.  All the executive committee believed that we needed to become big enough and well organized enough to serve as a deterrent to any inappropriate pressure from economically motivated special interest groups.  You can find out more about our group at

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